Half-hour Pilot Screenplay (completed 2017), 30 pages, comedy. Two acquaintances who barely get along are hit by a truck, die, and become ghosts. Now trapped together for eternity, they navigate the afterlife and try to figure out their unfinished business. (Inspired by our web series, "Life, After")


  • 2017 New York Television Festival Notable Writers
  • Quarterfinalist - 2017 Screencraft Pilot Launch TV Script Contest


Feature Screenplay (completed 2018), 108 pages, comedy/sci-fi. After interviewing a man who claims to have been abducted by aliens, a young journalist and four other misfits are themselves abducted and forced to run on treadmills in a white room on a diet of Super Zesty Nacho Crisps. Is this the work of aliens? And can they protect the rest of humanity from suffering their same fate?

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